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Suggestions on How to Buy a House in Malaysia Purchasing property in Malaysia is a simple but structured process which is governed by the real estate laws in the country. It involves many checks and certifications as well as a lot of paperwork. You should make sure that you are conversant with the laws and have a capable and qualified real estate agent to represent you. The initial step to take would be to engage a great realtor who will get the best price for your hard earned money and can show you many properties. Go and view as many properties as possible that are within your budget and create a short list of the properties that interest you most. You need to begin making the considerations after you have your list ready. The first thing to think about is whether the property has a license and valid permit for the advertisement and sales. The law in Malaysia demands that housing developers provide complimentary brochures that have all the info that is pertinent. Do not consider properties that do not fit these specifications.
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The second thing to do is to determine which kind of house it is. In Malaysia the date of completion for semi-detached houses, terrace houses and bungalows is two years from the date that the buyer and seller sign the sale agreement. In the case of condominiums, townhouses, and flats, the date of completion is three years from the date that the various parties sign the sale agreement. It is crucial to verify the land status of the property that you want to purchase. A house may be on Malay reserve land, on freehold or leasehold so be sure you check how many years are left if it is on a lease.
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The free leaflets that housing developers should supply must have the details in regards to the license number and also the date it expires, the sales and advertisement permit and when it expires, the land status and all other critical information. If any of this info isn’t included, request the developer to correct it. Remove the house from the list if they don’t do it. According to the property law in Malaysia, the initial payment must be made when signing the sales agreement. The date of the initial payment ought to be the same as the exact date when the sales agreement is signed. You should know that before the sales agreement is signed housing developers aren’t permitted to receive any payment. A professional engineer or architect should assess the house and certify it for occupation. Home developers should support their demand by a signed certification from an architect or engineer. There are several fees which the buyer should pay as part of buying a house in Malaysia. These are; the quit rent fee payments, rate assessment fees, sinking fund, and others.

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