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REHAB FOR DEPRESSION Unfortunate events often lead to us being sad. However, this feeling resolves with time as one gets new ways of looking at things. Depression is an involutional melancholia: a sense of inner emptiness that has no external cause. Simply speaking it comes from nowhere. It is important to distinguish between sadness and depression. Sadness does not need treatment; depression does. There are those doctors that feel believe that pharmaceutical drugs solve all of lives problems including physical ones may often leads them to prescribe even more drugs when one type of drug is not working. The doctor may increase the dose for antidepressants if the first one was not working and even throw in some mood stabilizers in the mix. The doctor’s greatest fear is that the patient will commit suicide and that he or she will be blamed for not providing the appropriate clinical treatment. This tends to be judged on what other doctors generally do. The solid inertia of prescribing antidepressants continues to be unchallenged to this date as despite the amount of evidence available, it has become impossible to change. Depression makes the patient to feel that they have a clouded mind and somber feeling which makes it very difficult to face real life problems suchas money issues, umemployment among others. Doctor’s often suggest that using antidepressant will revolve the edge from the patients mind and make them function well. There is very little evidence that this is what happens in practice. What happens is that the symptoms persist and the patient relies on the drugs to function.
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Patients will often try to lift their depressed moods on their own by using alcohol, recreational drugs, nicotine, caffeine, sugar and white flour. Most of this drugs act on the center of the brain and therefore have mood altering effects. Making it very easy to get addicted to the drugs. Patients are kept away from all mood altering substances when they get to a rehab. An effective rehab, only uses prescription drugs for a short time in order to cover the withdrawal services. Using them for a longer time may cause disastrous long term pharmaceutical drug addiction.
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The centerpiece of rehab should be trauma resolution, as well as giving insight into the specific nature of addictive disease and recovery. Most appropriate treatment for the depression is the 12 step program formulated by alcoholics anonymous. despite it being an unpopular suggestion, it has been seen to be working with no side effects. One can be able to set aside years of misery and be happy again.Gloom and doom become features of the past, not of the present.

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