Search Engine Marketing 101

Our online SEM course provides skills to help drive more traffic to your website – and advance your career or business. We create an inclusive search engine marketing strategy for you after a systematic analysis of the precise requirements of your business. In the roll-over from MSN Search to Windows Live Search, Microsoft stopped using Picsearch as their image search provider and started performing their own image search, fueled by their own internal image search engine marketingsearch engine marketing

To achieve a hassle free foray into the most powerful marketing medium of present world, many marketers involve a third party agency to deal with several aspects of search engine marketing. For the search engine advertising, search engine optimization, SEO copywriting and link building Stramark has Search Engine Marketing consultants to help you get the most out of your engine marketing

Everyday, a major part of online activities amounts to millions of searches on the search engines. You can then analyze the success of your AdWords campaign directly using the search engine advertisement tool, set a monthly limit for your budget and thanks to the integrated statistics, you will always know how your campaign is doing.

In this guide, you’ll learn an overview of search engine marketing basics as well as some tips and strategies for doing search engine marketing right. To make it long-term, you’ll want to combine your SEM campaign with a good, SEO-optimized online presence.

To kick off search engine marketing, Blue Door Consulting conducts a discovery phase to understand campaign goals. Organic search listings (SEO) are determined by proprietary search engine algorithms, while paid results are bid on and paid for on a per-click basis.