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The Importance of Providing Great User & Customer Experience You should be very concerned about the way outsiders enjoy their experiences with your firm. During the process, terms like user and customer experience will become very common. Both user experience UX and customer experience CX are similar concepts but the former is a component of the latter. With that in mind, why is it important to concern yourself with the two in your business activities. Most probably, your business has a website that customers will use to interact with your business. Users should not experience difficulties when navigating company websites whenever they visit them to find information or make purchases. Users have very little patient, especially with websites that load slowly or present other navigational challenges and will simply close such pages and visit rival sites. It is with proper UX and CX that you can keep web visitors for the duration they need. Users who spend long periods on websites usually turn out to be buyers. Statistics related to online shopping have it all since close to 90 percent of potential customers have to get some sort of support before completing a purchase transaction. Also, a similar percentage of shoppers abandon their purchase processes if they feel that the customer service offered is not satisfactory. To steer clear of such outcomes, it is essential to ensure that your UX and CX are excellent.
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The cost of attracting a new customer is at least 7 times more than that of retaining one. You will, as a result, get repeat customers and benefit from desirable brand loyalty with good UX and CX. Your marketing expenditure can reduce considerably in such a case. With little spending on retaining existing clients, you will have avoided numerous expenses that you may incur on drawing in new customers.
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The impact of a lost customer is not final since an unpleasant experience is twice more likely to be shared out than a positive one. In such a case, you will note a spike in the number of negative comments and reviews whenever your firm is dealing with numerous complaints from customers. Note that positive reviews and comments are rare, no matter how much you satisfy your users and clients, making it essential to maintain high standards of customer and user experience. Also, such disgruntled clients spread negativities about your firm through word of mouth, which is one fast way to kill the reputation of your company. You can now see that a user experience and customer experience strategy is necessary for the operations of your firm. A user experience consulting firm should be hired for such a purpose. Besides, you will avoid common mistakes in UX and CX if you work with a customer experience consultant.

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