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Water Filter Types Water filters are available in many types and differing prices which sometimes can be confusing. Before you go ahead to make a massive purchase, ensure that your preferred water filter has enough water capacity to handle your drinking water needs. Water filters vary and run from the simple jug or bottle filled with coal to the more serious water processing filters that provide water that is clearer than tapped water. There are three basic water filter types. The Filter Housings The filters housings are placed in line with your home’s main water feed. The plumber places a loop in the well-house where you can place one or multiple filter housings in a series to hold contaminants before the water enters your house. The the advantage of using housings is that you can place any filters in them. Note that the higher the housing diameter, the higher the flow rate. Also, if you have a larger house with more than two bathrooms, you will need to install larger filters to keep up with your water usage. Media Tank Water Filters Media tanks operate on the same basis as the housing filters but a much larger scale. The tank has an average built of nine inches in diameter and 48-inches high, and filters water on a continuous basis or until a set time or water flow is achieved. The media tank will back flush itself instead of having a filter to change. This is of great benefit to those who do not wish to maintain the filter housings. Water softeners are the most commonly used type of media tanks. The water softener tanks are filled with resin beads which are attracted to the calcium particles in the water pipes thus preventing it from getting into your house. This removes the built up scale in your shower heads and appliances as well as reduces the extreme over usage of soap.
The Beginner’s Guide to Systems
It will cost you more to buy the media tanks than it is with the housings, but the performance is worth the investment.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Filters
Reverse Osmosis Most indeed, you do enjoy taking a sip of filtered water or cook using purified water. Having reverse osmosis water running through every tap in your house is gratifying. It can be quite expensive to have a reverse osmosis system installed in your home but the benefits of having one are worth the investment. Whatever filter you decide to purchase, you will be happy with the results. Avoid going for impure water that has smell or taste. Pure water is what your body needs to help you get the right complexion, keeps you energetic and young. Time is now, buy a water filter system and take care of your water needs.

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