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What You Should Ask Before Choosing a Plastic Surgery Specialist

There are different plastic surgery procedures, some of which are quite complicated. Both art and science skills are required for a plastic surgery procedure to be successful. The procedures usually involve reconstructing of the flesh and the plastic surgeons take years to acquire the necessary skills needed. Depending on the areas of specialization, plastic surgeons may require years of training after finishing medical school.

If you would like a plastic surgery procedure, it is important to find the right surgeon to help you. An experienced surgeon will know all the risks that can occur during the procedure and take steps to mitigate them. Below is an overview of the questions you should ask any potential plastic surgeon you wish to work with.

How long have you been carrying out this procedure?
Find out how many times the surgeon has performed the kind of surgery you want done. From the answer that will be given, it will be easy to know the surgeon’s experience. Ideally, you should look for a surgeon that has performed multiple procedures in the recent past. The more successful surgeries that the surgeon has done, the better.
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Some surgeons will show you before and after photos of the patients they have worked with in the past. You can know the capability of the surgeon from the results you see on the photographs. It will even be better if you can be given contacts of some patients that may be willing to vouch for the surgeon.
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What educational qualifications do you have?
Find out about the surgeon’s educational qualifications. If you are online, you can search for the educational background of the specific surgeons you are evaluating. Confirm whether the surgeon has any specialty training in the specific procedure you are interested in. For instance, if you are looking for rhinoplasty services, you would want a surgeon that has taken some rhinoplasty courses. It does not make sense for a surgeon specialized in nose jobs to do a facelift.

Make sure the qualifications of the surgeon are valid. The local state medical board is a good source of information regarding the qualifications of plastic surgeons. The board has background educational information on all licensed surgeons in your area. Apart from this, for any surgeon to be allowed to practice, he/she must be licensed by the board. Surgeons that are not licensed usually disciplinary issues with the board.

Can I know the techniques you will be using?
It is important to know the specific techniques that the surgeon will be using. Inquire how the techniques will contribute in the overall goal of getting the results you want. It is also important to know what to expect after the procedure.

The above are three questions you should ask any potential plastic surgeon you wish to work with.

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