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How to Handle Long Layover with the Kids at the Airport

Experiencing layovers may happen during a travel flight and when your kids are with you on a travel vacation, to keep them from being fussed up during the layover so they will not be unruly and create a commotion in the airport, it’s best to work out some productive activities with the kids during the duration of the layover.

The role of technological devices

With our digital technology present all around us, it is just but normal to be bringing along our personal technological devices, such as any of these: smartphone, portable DVD players, tablets, headphones, etc., so when there’s a sudden announcement for a long layover at the airport, bring out your devices for your kids to be busy with while waiting for the next scheduled flight, so they will make use of the time to either play games with the smartphone or hear their favourite music using the headphone and smartphone or reading an e-book throught the tablet or watch a short, child friendly movie using the tablet or portable DVD player or even the smartphone or take a round of family photos around the airport.

Enjoy a walk around the airport

With the complete amenities, which most airports offer to the travellers, like restaurants, duty free shops, souvenir shops, massage and spa facilities, a museum, upper deck for plane-watching, and many more, it’s good to make use of the layover period of bringing the kids for an airport tour, enjoying the tour while discovering the different amenities and, at the same time, taking some memorable shots with the family to any of these amenities.

Take pleasure with a picnic at the airport

Waiting for the long layover to be completed can definitely make kids be super hungry, especially when they’re travelling, so take pleasure in letting them enjoy a short picnic in the airport and pull out together your travel shawls and spread them over the airport floor and let the kids sit down and have a snack or meal, while you make use of the time to talk over your travel itinerary or simply enjoy the chat while passing time.

Have a scavenger hunt game

A scavenger hunt game would be an interesting and enjoyable game idea in the airport, during the layover, but this can be played for as long as you are assured that the airport is safe and that your kids are already teenagers, and, for sure, your kids will have a fun time scavenging for items which you list down for them to find at the gate or outside the tarmac or to any of the airport locations.

Go to a hotel

When the layover is an overnight layover, the best option is to bring the kids to a hotel for an energizing pool swim before hitting to bed for a good night’s sleep, making use of the travel respite in a hotel, so all your kids will be energized for their next travel journey.

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