How to Deodexing SystemUI Via Android

This time I will share “How to De-odex System UI via Android”. What is Deodex? Deodex is the process of bringing together an application file.dex in one place. By using the Deodex ROM, you can modify without fear of a conflicting file so we do not maximize to modified or even boot-loop. The effect of Deodex is faster boot process. Here’s “How to Deodex System UI via Android”.

For more info you can visit :


Android ROOTED!


  • Root Explorer
  • APK Tools

Noted: Not all Android can use APK tools above, so look for APK Tools that support on your Android, can be asked in Android group respectively

After all materials and conditions are met, then see the tutorial “how to Deodex SysteUI via Android” below.

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  1. Install All materials that have been downloaded
  2. Open Rootex, create a folder in SD-card with any name, e.g.: “Project” .This folder is used to hold apk to be executed.
  3. then go into system / priv-app, copy “SystemUI.apk and SystemUI.odex” to the folder that had been created.
  4. Open APK Tools, Enter the folder that was created, then, tap “Systemui.odex” it then select decompile. Wait for a moment
  5. After completion, will appear the folder named “Systemui_odex”, tap the folder, then select recompile. Wait for a moment.
  6. after finished will appear new file again, named “SystemUI.dex” tap file then select “add to apk with the same name”.
  7. Once done, enter Rootex, go to the executable folder that had been created. Copy “SystemUI.apk” to system.
  8. Change permissions, by tap apk and hold, select permissions, and set with RW-R-R.
  9. Then, copy the apk to system / priv-app, if there is a popup, replace it, and delete “Systemui.odex”. reboot.

Well that’s “How to Deodex SytemUI via Android”. Remember Before you execute, get used to back-up the file / apk that you want to execute it. So many tutorials from me, thank you for visiting and hopefully useful.